"Charlotte" - is extremely delicate and tasty apple pie, which can be cooked quickly and easily.

For the dough you will need flour, eggs and sugar. For the filling - apples and cinnamon (to taste).
Important! For "Charlotte" to be bold you need to beat eggs carefully until stable foam.
• Flour - 200g
• White sugar - 200g
• Eggs - 5p.
• Vanilla sugar TM "ATA" - 1 packet
• Brown cane sugar "Demerara" TM "ATA" - 50g
• Apples - 500g
• Cinnamon
• Powdered sugar TM "ATA"
Beat eggs, gradually adding sugar until forming a stable foam. To get a stable foam add a pinch of salt. Then add a packet of vanilla sugar TM "ATA." Gently stiring add flour into a creamed mixture. Stir until smooth.
Wash and clean apples, delete a core, cut on thin lobules. For giving an inimitable aroma to your pie, mix up prepared apples with brown cane sugar «Demerara» TM «ATA» and pinch of cinnamon.
 Filling is ready. 
Form for baking smear with butter, pour out on a bottom a bit of dough, then lay out the half of filling. We pour out the remaining amount of dough and lay out the second half of apples from above. In preheated to 180°C oven put it on for baking for about 40 – 60 minutes, depending on the size of form.  It is important! Don’t open oven during the baking.  Give the prepared pie to get cold and from above sprinkle with powdered sugar TM «ATA».
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