Sugar cookies for children

 Sugar cookies for children - light and tasty tea biscuits. As everything is easy to prepare it is possible to attract children to cooking process. Sugar cookies has a nice golden-brown color, which is given to the baking by aromatic cane sugar TM "ATA". 

• 150 g butter; 
•  60 g brown cane sugar "Demerara" TM "ATA"; 
• powdered sugar TM "ATA"; 
• 150 g flour.
Preparation method:
1. In a bowl beat the softened butter with a sugar to the state of cream.
2. Add a flour and well mix. Cover the dough with cling film and put it for 20 minutes in a fridge.
3. Put the dough on the surface sprinkled with flour and roll to 1sm. 
4. Heat up an oven to 190 degrees. 
5. Cut out hearts and stars forms, transfer it on a roasting pan and send to the oven. 
 6. Bake to readiness for 15-20 minutes and until it obtains golden color.
7. Sprinkle ready cookies with the powdered sugar or brown cane sugar. 
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