Cube sugar

Cube sugar is a sugar in form of cubes obtained by extrusion of moistened granulated sugar. The cubes of sugar “ATA” and “Sakharok” finely soften an astringent flavour of tea and a bitter flavour of coffee. They are indispensable in the office where every minute counts and there is practically no time to take a cup of coffee. You can’t do without this product in a trip or on a picnic. That’s why the cube sugar in a pack is more practical and nicer than granulated sugar. You can fully enjoy all these advantages choosing the cube sugar “ATA” or “Sakharok”.

The microcrystalline structure let the cube sugar “ATA” and “Sakharok” quickly melt in your drink. The cubes of sugar can be easily taken out of a box. The cubic shape let easily put the cube sugar in a cup. It is easy to determine a number of cubes per cup: two cubes are equal to the weight of granulated sugar in 1 teaspoon.
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