How to make "Mojito" at home? It is not difficult to prepare soft "Mojito" at home. For its preparation you need lime, mint, brown cane sugar "Demerara" and "Sprite". It is a wonderful and refreshing drink. Suitable for both children and adults. 

• Lime - 6 pcs. 
• Mint - 80 gr 
• Brown cane sugar "Demerara" TM "ATA" – 50 gr
• "Sprite" - 1500 ml
• Ice
Method of preparation:
 1. To wash a lime and cut it on 6-8 wedge.
 2. Separate the leaves of washed mint from the sprigs. 
3. Put a mint to a chilled jug, crush up with pounder till appearance of bright mint flavour. 
4. We add the lobules of lime and also mash till appearance of juice.
5. Add brown sugar which gives «Mojito» a faint tincture of caramel to a jug with a mint and lime.  
6. We add the ground up ice, carefully mix it with a spoon, trying to take ingredients from the bottom of the jug.
7. We top up all mixture with a cold «Sprite» and decorate it with the sprig of mint.
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