Necmi Dogan, a Turkish businessman who is not only known in his own origin country of Turkey, but also in Ukraine which he counts as his second homeland after a long successful life in business there.

Mr. Dogan started his business in Ukraine in 1996, he used say “instead of doing investment to economically already developed countries, I decided to go to Ukraine in opposite of most Turkish investors at that time. I made my decision taking in consideration of the big potential of Ukrainian people who are hard workers and kind people.

It’s not a secret that in eastern countries there is a big habit and tradition of drinking tea. It is used to be on every dinner table a box of cube sugar. Mr. Dogan was one of the first person who saw that there is not a manufacturing of cube sugar in Ukraine while there was a big demand on it. In 1998, he decided to start a cube sugar manufacturing company in Kiev, Ukraine which he named “Ata”.

“Cube sugar market was free to invest that time. To make our product recognizable, we always used raw materials with high quality. Our mission was to produce high quality product with a good price and make it usable in every house. We had a lot of difficulties in the beginning of course, but we did not wait long to have good sales results.”

At first, there was only one cube sugar manufacturing line. After some years, production lines and space are extended and Ata started to launch new types of sugar products. Since November 2007, managing director of the company become Mr. Ozan Yasin Dogan, elder son of Mr. Necmi Dogan.

Between 2012 and 2013, Ata has started implementing world class food safety standard of FSSC 22000:2011 from Bureau Veritas and completely renewed its production facility according to it. During implementation of FSSC, production scheme and technological process is redeveloped to meet the highest standards. Also in 2013, product range of the company is extended remarkably; it was added new packing machines for citric acid, gelatin, sugar with vanillin, granulated brown sugar in Doypack packaging and rough cut brown sugars.

Today, Ata is successfully holding the leadership in packaged sugar industry, holding more than %70 of market share. You can find company’s product range in all national and international retail markets in Ukraine like: Metro C&C, Fozzy Group, Furshet, Auchan, Megamarket, Ekomarket, Karavan etc…

Ata has also invested in 2013 to Nigerian market building a new cube sugar manufacturing facility in Lagos State, Nigeria. Production of this company has also started in 23rd of April, 2014. Our group is aiming to make further investments in Ukraine and all around the world to deliver quality food products with affordable prices for our valuable consumers.

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