Interesting: If you try to make brown sugar from beets, the cost will be quite high. Raw sugar beets in actual fact is convenient only for the downstream processing. Molasses, which cover its crystals, smells completely different than spicy cane molasses. Therefore, to make brown sugar from beets, firstly you need to make beet sugar, then to clean it white-hot, and then it necessary to colored by cane molasses.

Brown sugar is more useful than white because it contains different minerals and vitamins are necessary for normal activity of the human body.

Interesting:  Lets demystify of low-caloric in a brown sugar. Caloric in brown sugar is almost  same as in white.

After getting into water brown cane molasses, is concentrated on the surface of the sugar crystal and dissolves faster than sugar itself, which has white color. The molasses color the water. Undissolved sugar crystals settle down. It is more visible on bigger crystals.

Interesting:  Every brown sugar crystal formed during crystallization separately,  but not splits off from the larger monolith. In this small crystal sucrose molecules are located is very close, leaving no place for other molecules and during crystal growth are pushed into the upper layers. So, sugar crystal is transparent inside, but outside is colored by molasse, and this color is made naturally during the crystal growth.

Real cane brown sugar has color because every sugar crystal on its surface contains molasse membrane - brown cane molasses, and it gives it a unique color.

Yes, we can. On the package product description there must be a mark that sugar is unrefined. If the brown sugar marked as refined, it means that the product contains colorants and food additives. Besides, cane molasses aroma is very specific and it is not difficult to differentiate it from burnt brown sugar, which is used to color fakes.

Interesting: Sugar cane necessary to processed within the day it was cut.

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