Meringues - beloved childhood delicate desserts. 

You will need the egg whites, citric acid, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar for cooking. 
• Egg whites - 4 pcs. 
• Powdered sugar TM "ATA" - 225gr 
• Vanilla sugar TM "ATA" - 1 packet 
• Citric acid TM "ATA" - ¼ tsp 
• Almond or berries - for decoration 
Capacity for whipping egg whites and beaters must be absolutely clean and free of grease and water drops! 
Egg whites must be carefully separated from the yolks and well cooled.
Put the egg whites in a large clean bowl. Start beating with an electric mixer, slowly at first, then when the mixture begins to bubble gradually increase the speed. Continue beating up until the whites form a hard mixture (when you remove the beater, white peaks that don’t fall immediately follow it). 
Add powdered sugar while continuously beating up, then add vanilla sugar and citric acid at the end. Meringue should be substantial, smooth and shiny.
Put a parchment paper on a baking sheet. Share meringue using a pastry bag. 
Preheat oven to 110 ° C. 
Bake until readiness and slight creamy color, about 2 hours. Then turn off the oven. Do not remove the meringues from the oven until cool. 
You can decorate with a butter cream or whipped cream, berries or sprinkle with grated almonds.
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