Icing sugar

One of the principal directions of the company’s activities is the production of powdered sugar under the trademarks "ATA" and "Saharok". This product matches the needs of a wide range of customers: as of retail buyer (packing 250 g and 200 g), and for use in the industrial manufacture of confectionery companies (packed in bags of 25 kg).

Powdered sugar represents a sand sugar, milled to a state of small crystals. It is used for cooking topping, decoration of confectionery products, soft drinks and cocktails.
When whipping eggs or cream it is better to use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar, because using powdered sugar cream becomes more delicate.
Powdered sugar of our own production has such a smooth texture that is indispensable in the production of mastic or icing. Mastic turns supple and does not get broken during the decorating, making your dish perfect.
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