Brown cane sugar

Cane sugar - an integral ingredient for the preparation of quality drinks, especially coffee, tea, cocktails. Brown cane sugar certainly present in an exclusive, exotic and exquisite alcoholic cocktails. 

Delicate taste of the best coffee drinks is achieved not only through the using of the best coffee varieties, the correct grind grain, using the best recipes, but also by mandatory using of the brown cane sugar.

The crude (unrefined) cane sugar has a number of important nutrients and minerals which white sugar can not contain. Brown cane sugar contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron. 

Sugar cane provides the body with glucose, which is stored as glycogen  and is burned when muscles require an energy. That is why, brown sugar cane considered as one of  the best sources of energy, helps to revitalize, energize the body and eliminate dehydration after physical loads.


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