Sugar in sticks

To produce brown sugar in sticks in an individual 5 g pack LLC “ATA” uses brown cane sugar “Demerara” buying it directly from the producer and importing it from Mauritius. This country is a producer of high quality cane sugar.

Theweightofonestickis 5 gwhich is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. In retail it is represented in 500 g packs (5 g x 100 pcs.) and 1000 g packs (5 g x 200 pcs.).

In addition to its principal purpose brown cane sugar in sticks looks original and kindles interest. There is no other product which accentuates the taste and flavour nuances of tea and coffee better than Demerara. This kind of sugar is called “tea and coffee sugar” all over the world as it contains the quantity of molasses giving to a drink a light creamy taste and caramel nuances in the flavour that does not kill a natural flavour and taste of a drink. And, finally, sugar in sticks is a really practical thing. There is no need to care for additional accessories such as a sugar bowl or sugar tongs etc. You can easily take this sugar with you to work or to a café and be always sure which product you consume.

You can place a logo of your company on the sticks we produce, this is an excellent way to gain a good image.

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