Sugar in sticks

 LLC “ATA” is one of the largest producers of sugar in sticks under its own trademark. The weight of one stick is 5 g which is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. In retail it is represented in 500 g packs (5 g x 100 pcs.) and 1000 g packs (5 g x 200 pcs.).

LLC “ATA” also offers sugar in sticks designed and produced according to the Customer’s individual project (private label) which will ideally underline the image of our company and will be your unique and original visit card. Believe us, it is a really efficient way to attract your potential clients and finely underline the corporate style of your company. Such attribute offered with a cup of flavourful coffee will be a discreet advertising of your company and thus make your brand more recognizable.

Moreover, the sugar in sticks is a very easy way to use it in certain conditions, for instance, in a cafe or a restaurant as well as in a trip.


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