Brown cane sugar

Sugar Demerara from TM "ATA" - this premium product, unrefined crystalline sugar from sugar cane of the highest quality, produced on the island of Mauritius and packed in Ukraine in packaging, which is perfect for storage.

Demerara - is a natural sugar which is not exposed to cleaning by chemicals, thereby stores a complex of vitamins and minerals. Its big crystals has a golden color and   sweet flavor. Cane sugar is perfect for fruits and berries, for cooking different dishes and baking, covering the pastry. Thanks to good caramelization of cane sugar, its rich taste and flavor of become only better. It is perfect ingredient for cocktails and hot drinks.


• Brown cane sugar, thanks to its composition of the brown molasses, contains large amounts of nutrients and trace elements such as zinc, calcium, potassium and copper;

• Brown cane sugar Demerara has a specific deep flavor;  

• In the manufacture of brown sugar Demerara flavorings  and colorants are not used.

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