Cube sugar

Brown cube sugar of TM “ATA” is represented in the market with 500 g packaging and is a brown Demerara sugar obtained by the way of extrusion, i.e. that underwent a minimum processing.

The perfect quality of our sugar is achieved due to using of high quality raw materials which are imported directly from Mauritius. Modern automated lines on cube sugar production guarantee the best result in form of a ready high quality product. In course of production this sugar undergoes an additional refining from foreign matters and extrusion allows to obtain a form of cube which is maximally easy to use. The weight of two sugar cubes is that of one tea spoon of sugar. You can buy TM “ATA” sugar at any store of the country.
Cane sugar finely accentuates and completes a real taste of coffee, good tea and exotic cocktails. Brown sugar is a sugar for active people who look after their health and get the maximum from life.
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